Season 31

Season 31 (2019)

Episodes List

Ep.1 The Winter of Our Monetized Content

Air Date: 2019-09-29

When a video of Bart and Homer fighting goes viral, they begin a journey as social media celebrities; Lisa battles the school's new industrialized detention system.

Ep.2 Go Big or Go Homer

Air Date: 2019-10-06

Homer must supervise interns, among whom is a go-getter who asks Homer to be his mentor.

Ep.3 The Fat Blue Line

Air Date: 2019-10-13

During the San Castellanta street festival, much of the town finds their wallets have been pickpocketed; after the state investigator puts the wrong man in jail, Chief Wiggum sets out to catch the real criminal and show he's still up for police work.

Ep.4 Treehouse of Horror XXX

Air Date: 2019-10-20

This 666th episode of the Simpsons parodies the Omen and Stranger Things, not to mention a little Crazy Rich Aliens.

Ep.5 Gorillas on the Mast

Air Date: 2019-11-03

After a trip to Aquatraz Water Park, Lisa becomes determined to set free Springfield's most vicious animals in captivity. Meanwhile, Homer fulfills a lifelong dream of buying a boat, and quickly realizes boat ownership sucks.

Ep.6 Marge the Lumberjill

Air Date: 2019-11-10

When Marge realizes that everyone views her as boring, she takes up competitive lumber-jacking as a hobby (and has a real gift for it). The circuit of competitive timbersports takes her on a month-long retreat to Portland with her trainer, Paula, whom Homer worries is going to steal her away forever

Ep.7 Livin La Pura Vida

Air Date: 2019-11-17

The Simpsons join other Springfield families on the Van Houten's annual trip to Costa Rica, which they obviously can't afford. While there, Homer befriends Patty's new girlfriend, Evelyn, and Lisa tracks down the real reason the Van Houtens can go on this trip every year

Ep.8 Thanksgiving of horror

Air Date: 2019-11-24

The Simpsons face various Thanksgiving nightmares, including the first Thanksgiving, an A.I. mishap and a dangerous space mission complicated by a sentient cranberry sauce.

Ep.9 Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Foresaken Me?

Air Date: 2019-12-01

Todd blames God for the death of his mother and rejects his faith, so Ned sends him to live with the Simpsons, hoping they can scare him into believing in God again.

Ep.10 Bobby: It's Cold Outside

Air Date: 2019-12-15

Sideshow Bob gets contracted as this year’s mall Santa. Meanwhile, someone is stealing all the Christmas packages off people’s front porches.

Ep.11 Hail to the Teeth

Air Date: 2020-01-05

Homer and Marge attend Artie Ziff’s wedding and become quite uncomfortable when they realize that his bride-to-be is a clone of Marge. Meanwhile, Lisa grapples with the misogynistic implications of the immediate popularity she receives after getting her new Invisalign braces.

Ep.12 The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson

Air Date: 2020-02-16

Marge recruits Chrissy Teigen and John Legend for an education-based proposal.

Ep.13 Frinkcoin

Air Date: 2020-02-23

Lisa decides to do an essay on Professor Frink just as the scientist invents a new cryptocurrency. When this makes him the richest man in Springfield, Mr. Burns sees red and he starts plotting against Frink in order to restore his former status, while Frink learns who his real friends are.

Ep.14 Bart the Bad Guy

Air Date: 2020-03-01

Bart accidentally sees a new superhero movie one month before its intended release, and uses his knowledge to terrorize the other fans. Two executive producers of the film attempt to prevent Bart from leaking any more news to the public.

Ep.15 Screenless

Air Date: 2020-03-08

When Marge implements a screen time limit for the family, she realizes that she is the one addicted.

Ep.16 Better Off Ned

Air Date: 2020-03-15

Bart bonds with Ned Flanders, which leaves Homer jealous, so he retaliates by mentoring Nelson Muntz; a heroic act by Homer makes Bart look up to him again.

Ep.17 Highway to Well

Air Date: 2020-03-22

When Maggie goes to preschool, Marge decides to get a job to pass the time and ends up working at an upscale weed dispensary; Homer decides to open his own dispensary that mimics a sketchy drug deal, putting their two businesses at odds.

Ep.18 The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby

Air Date: 2020-04-19

Mr. Burns tasks Homer with swindling Cletus Spuckler out of his newfound helium fortune. Meanwhile, Maggie is reunited with Hudson from Playdate with Destiny again, only for Marge to tear them apart after his mother annoys her.

Ep.19 Warrin' Priests (1)

Air Date: 2020-04-26

Helen Lovejoy's request for a youth pastor is answered by Bode Wright, a charismatic young preacher from Michigan. When Bode quickly has the Springfield congregation enamored by his easy-going and liberal approach to religion, an outcast and suspicious Reverend Lovejoy decides to look into the newcomer's past.

Ep.20 Warrin' Priests (2)

Air Date: 2020-05-03

While Bode has won over most of Springfield, he finds one churchgoer he can't sway in Ned Flanders. Meanwhile in Michigan, Reverend Lovejoy finds the ammunition he needs to get rid of his replacement.

Ep.21 The Hateful Eight-Year-Olds

Air Date: 2020-05-10

After severing her sibling ties with Bart, Lisa attends a sleepover at her new friend Addy's house, only to discover that Addy's clique are a group of cruel snobby rich girls that taunt her. Meanwhile, Homer takes Marge on a sunset cruise for the evening and finds himself at odds with the boat's cover band.

Ep.22 The Way of the Dog

Air Date: 2020-05-17

Santa's Little Helper nips at Marge, causing the family to reflect on the difficult life that the dog led prior to being adopted by the family. They end up reuniting him with his mother to avoid having to euthanize him.