The Hunt

The Hunt (2020-03-11)

Action | Thriller | Horror |

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  • Statut: Released
  • Timp de rulare: 90m
  • Popularitate: 84.897
  • Limba: en
  • Buget: $14,000,000
  • Venituri: $6,512,500
  • Vot mediu: 6.4
  • Numar de voturi: 178


    Liberal snooty types lashing out at conservative cronies and their right-wing leanings should have made for some enjoyably edgy satire, but 'The Hunt' is merely a by-the-numbers comedy-horror-suspense thriller that has a few punchy moments. But, if production company Blumhouse wants to remake a bunch of 90s Jean-Claude Van Damme action movies with Betty Gilpin in the lead role, I think I'd be down with that. I'd watch them, not in the theatres obviously, but late at night after a few beers. - Jake Watt Read Jake's full article...